Outdoor Fun At Antietam Recreation (Hagerstown, MD)

There are loads of things for a family to do right here in the heart of Maryland but sometimes, we all need to just…get away from everything for a little while. And for that, we think the Antietam Recreation has the ability to turn a weary weekend into one that is fun, outdoorsy and intensely exciting for kids and grownups alike by using a Maryland rented bus.

Located slightly off the Hagerstown radar, Antietam Recreation is a family-owned business that has been providing endless fun activities for more than three decades. The secluded recreational center is on a thirty two acres site of land which used to be the old Turner Farm. Back in the early 1970’s, the Rotz Family were looking around for a good piece of land that could accommodate their two horses and contain water.

Let’s just say that the owners of Antietam Recreation knows a thing or two about outdoor living and camping – after falling in love as high school sweethearts, the couple were actively involved and worked with the camping environment and industry. They have an extensive resume of working not just with horses and people but also with kids.

The people at Antietam Recreation deserves the success that they have today, they grew from providing 20 campers with facilities and fun games to coping with 350 campers per week! The family works closely with each other in the community and tirelessly contribute towards church and homeschooling society. Many people use Maryland charter bus rental services to come here in groups so that they can enjoy the wonderful dinner shows which are usually performed during the winter months. However, the facilities are available from May right through to September as well. For schedule, timing and show times, we encourage our Maryland charter bus rental customers to visit their website and get in touch with Andy, Jessica, Rob or any other one of their facilitators.

The family have grown to include five children so they DO know how to keep things active and exciting. Antietam Recreation guarantees that the kids are going to go to camp super eager to be in on the games and come home muddy but inspired and exhausted. Activities like playing Capture The Flag in the woods, kayaking, canoeing and horseback riding not only helps with kids’ confidence but it also builds character and instills basic values that are so lost in the modern world that we live in today.

Antietam Recreation is a great place not just for large organization but also provides for a great way to develop teamwork, as a birthday gift, or a getaway with friends. If that sounds interesting, be sure to get in touch with the likes of Bus Rental MD to book your charter bus, party bus, coach charter, mini bus or school bus early in order to avoid disappointment.

A little offbeat in Maryland

Maryland is a wonderful place to visit in its own right, although it is often overshadowed by Washington D.C. There are a few sights in Maryland that most people never see, tourists and locals alike, and a good way to get around and see them is with a charter bus, coach bus, party bus, mini bus, passenger coach or school bus rented from Bus Rental Maryland. Travel around in style and comfort in your rental bus as your reliable rental bus driver gets you where you want to go.

If you have a weak stomach, you might want to stay on the rental bus and give the National Museum of Health and Medicine a miss. Located in Silver Spring, Maryland, the museum was established during the American Civil War as the Army Medical Museum. Its purpose was to collect specimens for research in military medicine and surgery. During the 20th century, the focus of the museum moved towards research and pathology. Museum staff pioneered photomicrographic techniques, establishing a library and cataloging system which later formed the basis for the National Library of Medicine. The specimens on display are real, and definitely not for the faint of heart. Human organs, amputated limbs, objects removed from bodies are all on display, and likely to give you nightmares for months.

Everyone has played at least one game of pinball in their life, and one place you can relive your memories of putting a quarter into a machine for a few minutes of flipper fun is at the National Pinball Museum. Just a short rental bus ride away from Washington D.C., the National Pinball Museum is dedicated to that American icon, the pinball machine. From an historical perspective, pinball has always been more than just a game. It’s a scrapbook of American tradition and folklore, a looking glass of culture, a pleasure-filled journey winding its way through the marriage of art and technology. The history and development of the pinball machine is explored in depth in this museum, tracing pinball’s origins back to its roots in the French game of bagatelle, invented in 1777. The main attraction is the “Pay to Play” room, where a rotating display of about 40 machines from the museum’s collection of over 800 tables are available for visitors to play with.

Children, and the child in all of us, love trains, so hop into your rental bus and visit the Roads and Rails Museum in Frederick, Maryland. Founded by David Burroughs, the Roads & Rails Museum celebrates historic automobiles and railroads. The museum houses one of the largest miniature world model train displays in America and is designed to be a fun display of three dimensional art, combined with sound and movement. Visitors will be amazed at the detail in this miniature world complete with a zoo, circus, working volcano, walk-through mountains, subway, coal mine, castle and towns with moving trains, trolleys, cars and trucks.

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Visit a beautiful place with a bus charter MD

Traveling with a bus charter MD or another destination doesn’t have to be a hassle. One of main reasons our bus charter MD company is chosen more often than any other is because of our attention to details and our overall commitment to good service. If you’re wondering about common reasons to travel with a bus charter, MD is just one of many destinations that people choose to visit for both business as well as sightseeing excursions.

Reasons to travel with a bus charter MD are endless but the most important is transporting a group safely from one point to another and that’s exactly what our company does. Our goal is to give our customers exactly what they want and help them stay within their budgets. This is one of the reasons that our first time customers become long time clients choosing our company time and time again for their travel needs.

There are many different places to visit on your bus charter MD. Ocean City is situated directly on the Atlantic on the easternmost side of MD. Being set right between the ocean and Chesapeake Bay, this region is very popular for bus charter MD destinations. Other great spots in the area, that may not be as dense with visitors, include Salisbury and Cambridge, Heading north along the bay to Grasonville visitors can pass over the bridge, heading west, and hit beautiful and historic Annapolis on the other side.

There are many historic sites to visit as well. Bus charter MD tours, such as ghost tours and other walking history tours, are a great way to learn more and see more in the city. MD travel from Annapolis offers a number of different choices. Many people choose to spend some time in Baltimore, a city full of an incredible roster packed with an abundance of things to do. Major attractions like the National Aquarium, Maryland Science Center and Port Discovery make perfect family outings. Dining and shopping and exciting nightlife are ideal for social adults. For those in between, attractions like the Baltimore Museum of Art, Edgar Allan Poe House and the Babe Ruth Museum offer a number of daytime activities that are low key and fun. Baltimore is the top of all bus charter MD destination spots if you love the urban ambience.

A bus charter MD is just one of the destinations that we offer. We cover every state within the United States. Our buses offer amenities such as high back reclining seats, restrooms, TV, DVD players and CD players just to name a few. If you and your group want to enjoy yourselves and not worry about driving a bus charter MD is the choice for you.

Maryland on the half shell

If you are traveling through Maryland on a hire bus from Bus Rental Maryland, you cannot help but notice that enormous bay out of the window. This is Chesapeake Bay, Maryland’s single largest geographic feature. This huge body of water is the world’s third largest estuary, and was once known for it’s abundant seafood and shellfish. Unfortunately, over the years, overfishing and pollution have severely reduced the the catch being brought from the bay. Measures have been taken over the past couple of decades to reverse this, and preserve the eco-system and fishing grounds. This has led to the bay making some recovery, and Maryland seafood is again available to be enjoyed by all.

Maryland’s cuisine can be a little exotic. Years of overfishing can make certain delicacies hard to find, but a little persistent searching will yield delicious rewards. Most famous of Maryland local delicacies are Maryland Blue Crabs. The blue crab is Maryland’s state symbol, and prepared in the local manner, makes for a wonderful meal. Blue Crab is usually served in large quantities, drenched in peppery Old Bay sauce, and accompanied with copious amounts of beer.

Another specialty is soft shell blue crab. These are crabs which have shed their hard shell, and are in the process of growing a new, larger shell to grow into. Known around the world as a delicacy in high class , fine dining establishments, soft shell blue crab is pretty much an everyday bar food staple in Maryland. Just grab the crab, and eat it all. In Maryland, soft shell blue crab is usually served in a bun, with a variety of condiments.

Aside from crabs, you will also find a variety of shellfish on the menu. Oysters on the half shell are what Chesapeake Bay is famous, and over here you will get them fresh, served with a hot sauce. Chesapeake Bay clams are also served the same way. If you’re visiting during the colder months, a meal of steamed mussels are an excellent way to warm yourself up. If you are in Baltimore, visit Bertha’s for the best steamed mussels in the state.

Having nothing much to do with the bay, or the sea, it might surprise you to learn that friend chicken is very much a Maryland specialty. It is a known fact that restaurants in Kentucky serve fried chicken done in the Maryland style. Fried chicken in Maryland is pan fried with about a quarter inch of oil, leaving a crispy skin that differs from the deep fried crunchy type. This delicacy can be a little hard to find, but a little searching and inquiries with old timers in Maryland will lead you to unassuming shacks with hand painted “Chicken” signs out front.

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Fall Activities in Maryland

Fall is here and there are a lot of festivals you can visit in Maryland with Bus Rental MD. From headless horsemen to Jack-o-lanterns to trick or treating for all sorts of candy, it’s the perfect time to dress up and let the spooks out.

The whole state will be out in full force to make the season enjoyable for visitors and locals of all ages so look out for all sorts of activities such as crafts, scarecrow making, pumpkin painting, apple and harvest festivals, and more in all the different counties.

Trick or Treating will also be happening in selected town squares, parks, town centers and neighbourhoods. All you need to take part is your favourite costume and a big bag for storing your yummy treats.

If you’re giving out candy, put a sign on the door or decorate your yard to let all the kids know that your house is a safe and treat-filled place worth visiting.

Besides Halloween, this time of the year is also an excellent time to go picking apples. Here’s a list of some of the places that are open for you to go pick your own apples

In Baltimore, you can look for Shaw’s Orchard located at 5594 Norrisville Road, White Hall. For Carroll County, Baugher’s Orchard at 1236 Baugher Rd, Westminster or Shady Hill Farm and Orchard at 2001 New Windsor Rd (Rt. 31), New Windsor are the places to go.

For Cecil County, visit Milburn Orchards at 1495 Appleton Rd, Elkton. 410-398-1349; Visitors to Frederick County can try Rock Hill Orchard, 28600 Ridge Rd, Mount Airy; or if you’re dropping by Howard County, check out Larriland Farm at 2415 Rt. 94, Woodbine.

Meanwhile, if it’s Montgomery County you find yourself in, you can always ask Bus Rental MD to drop by Butler’s Orchard at 22200 Davis Mill Rd, Germantown; Homestead Farm. 15600 Sugarland Rd, Poolesville; Kingsbury’s Orchard. At 19415 Peach Tree Rd, Dickerson or Lewis Orchards. At Rt. 28 and Peach Tree Rd, Dickerson

Interesting Places to Visit in Maryland

Did you know that Maryland is the 19th most populous state in America? It’s no wonder then that the Old Line State is packed with leisure activities, great places to visit and generally a place for some history. Here are some of our favorite place to visit in the state.

Oriole Park at Camden Yards, Baltimore

Bask in the charm and feel of an old fashioned park when you watch a game or two of baseball here. The Orioles’ home field is also one of major league baseball’s newest stadiums. Don’t worry if there aren’t any game going on when you arrive, you can always go for one of the stadium’s fascinating ball park tour.

Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, St. Michaels

A wonderful outdoor museum, there is always something new to see with exhibits that showcases life on Chesapeake Bay. It also serves as an excellent source of history for surrounding Bay area and friendly docents are available near each section of the museum. You can also go on a guided tour, just don’t forget to take a picture when you enter the lighthouse!

St. Anne’s Church, Annapolis

Located in the middle of Church Circle, a short walk from downtown, St. Anne’s Church has been rebuilt twice. It is still a nice historical church to visit and if you’re lucky, you might be able to catch a sermon. Also check if the bell tower tour is open while you’re there for a 360 degree view of Annapolis.

Interesting fact: Francis Scott Key, the man who penned the Star Spangled Banner, was a parishioner at St. Anne’s over 250 years ago.

Frontier Town, Ocean City

It’s a theme park based on….the old western towns of frontier days. For $14 you can stay in the park the whole day and enjoy a myriad of activities including the lazy river (try to get your grandma out of this!), fishing, golf and more. If you’re ‘unlucky’ enough, you might be an ‘eyewitness’ to a bunch of outlaws robbing a bank!