Patapsco Valley State Park

Have you visited Maryland’s first state park? Ask your Maryland charter bus driver to take you there to enjoy many outdoor activities Patapsco Valley State Park has to offer. The state park extends 32 miles along the Patapsco River with more than 14,000 acres of developed recreational areas.

At Patapsco Valley State Park, rental bus visitors can enjoy a spot of hiking, fishing, camping, canoeing, horseback riding, mountain biking, and picnicking. There is even a beautiful 15 feet waterfall in Orange Grove area to enjoy.

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Rafting Things Out At McHenry’s Adventure Sports Center

If you are Maryland and is craving for some fun and adventure, we reckon you should organize a MD bus rental day trip out to Marland’s McHenry for a fun day of kayaking, canoeing, climbing and geocaching. Adventure Sports Center at the heart of McHenry also offer hiking and biking to their charter bus rental customers and visitors who are not into adventure sports but more into nature and if they have a deep love of the beauty of the gorgeous sights at the top of the mountains. Adventure Sports Center is located at the top of Wisp Mountain of McHenry, Maryland and is one of the most extensive artificial whitewater course there is in the region.

An artificial whitewater course means that it is an artificially-generated rapids and made suitable for all forms of water sports like whitewater canoeing, kayaking, racing, rafting, and playboating.

Some MD bus rental customers might be a little concerned about safety concerns and bringing smaller children to the man-made rapids but the guides have all assured their visitors of a couple of things before they even step foot into one of the boats; one, the rapids is very controlled and two, water isn’t deep. Furthermore, other safety measures includes a half hour talk before the rafting begins so that charter bus visitors are more aware about what expect during the whole experience. There were some parents who came in groups, together with their children aged somewhere between 7 – 10 for the ride and the kids had a lovely time.

During colder months, one of the things that we might have to contend with would be the chilly weather. But the good news is that, since the rapids is man-made, the water is heated to the right temperature.

Another fantastic thing about heading out to a place like Adventure Sports Center of McHenry Maryland are the guides. Knowing how to handle the rafts and gears is one thing but being assuring, informative, helpful, friendly, and comfortable with the guests is very, very important…in fact, people have the most fun when they have a friendly guide who is assuring and made them feel comfortable enough to enjoy a ‘dangerous’ expedition.

Bus Rental MD charter bus visitors laments that one round of riding is way too short so, they would often end up going for two to three rounds. After they have reached the end of the ride at the bottom of the rapids, a lift will conveniently bring these adventure-seekers all the way to the top again…effortless and convenient. Reviews about it being an expensive is unfounded considering the fact that it is much safer, more convenient and certainly so much more professional than having to make a charter bus tour visit to a real rapids where Mother Nature is in complete control.

Please do head over to their website to find out more information about what you should and should not bring for the trip…and have fun!

Outdoor Fun At Antietam Recreation (Hagerstown, MD)

There are loads of things for a family to do right here in the heart of Maryland but sometimes, we all need to just…get away from everything for a little while. And for that, we think the Antietam Recreation has the ability to turn a weary weekend into one that is fun, outdoorsy and intensely exciting for kids and grownups alike by using a Maryland rented bus.

Located slightly off the Hagerstown radar, Antietam Recreation is a family-owned business that has been providing endless fun activities for more than three decades. The secluded recreational center is on a thirty two acres site of land which used to be the old Turner Farm. Back in the early 1970’s, the Rotz Family were looking around for a good piece of land that could accommodate their two horses and contain water.

Let’s just say that the owners of Antietam Recreation knows a thing or two about outdoor living and camping – after falling in love as high school sweethearts, the couple were actively involved and worked with the camping environment and industry. They have an extensive resume of working not just with horses and people but also with kids.

The people at Antietam Recreation deserves the success that they have today, they grew from providing 20 campers with facilities and fun games to coping with 350 campers per week! The family works closely with each other in the community and tirelessly contribute towards church and homeschooling society. Many people use Maryland charter bus rental services to come here in groups so that they can enjoy the wonderful dinner shows which are usually performed during the winter months. However, the facilities are available from May right through to September as well. For schedule, timing and show times, we encourage our Maryland charter bus rental customers to visit their website and get in touch with Andy, Jessica, Rob or any other one of their facilitators.

The family have grown to include five children so they DO know how to keep things active and exciting. Antietam Recreation guarantees that the kids are going to go to camp super eager to be in on the games and come home muddy but inspired and exhausted. Activities like playing Capture The Flag in the woods, kayaking, canoeing and horseback riding not only helps with kids’ confidence but it also builds character and instills basic values that are so lost in the modern world that we live in today.

Antietam Recreation is a great place not just for large organization but also provides for a great way to develop teamwork, as a birthday gift, or a getaway with friends. If that sounds interesting, be sure to get in touch with the likes of Bus Rental MD to book your charter bus, party bus, coach charter, mini bus or school bus early in order to avoid disappointment.