Hunting Down Afghan Food in Baltimore Maryland

Due to a large influx of migrants and visitors from other parts of the world, Baltimore Maryland continues to rank as one of the most culturally-diverse cities in America. In a way, THAT was the reason for the nickname ‘Charm City’ was given to Baltimore. The huge mix of migrants and locals also meant that there is much option to choose from in terms of charter bus rental tourists destinations and of course, we can never forget to mention…food.

In fact, some would not hesitate to say that they would come all the way to Baltimore just to sample local food because it most definitely have a certain flavor of its own. As expected from a seaside community and city, there is a world of seafood cuisine to be experienced during your bus rental MD vacation and the visits are even more special because you are doing all of that together with your family and friends. Get yourself a local tour guide if you want to sample the best bangs for the buck but it is not required. You can tour around on your own to make your very own special gastronomic finds.

One such example would be Afghan Kabob House….a very well-known Baltimore Afghan eastery located at Federal Hill. The Baltimore City Paper have called it a ‘must; for weekend dine-outs as the aushak, dumpings, sauces and pumpkin dishes are absolutely to-die-for. The restauarant is often packed to the hilt with tourists and locals during weekends while it makes its business from the corporate community during week days. We think visiting their website and making a reservation for yourself during your bus rental MD trip is a good idea. Vegetarians need not fret as it serves up quite a fanciful list of meat-less dishes too. If you are confused with their selection, the friendly staff will gladly point you in the right direction.

If the food at Afghan Kabob hits your fancy, we think you might want to check out what Akbar has to offer too. Location-wise, it isn’t as strategic as we would like it to be but there are bonuses to being located in the basement of Mount Vernon…private dining and relatively reasonable prices most of their dishes. What is truly interesting about eating out at a place like this would be the restaurant’s open kitchen concept whereby the clay oven which is used to prepare specialty food like tandoori chicken and other items requiring baking is visible.

As you can very well see, the variety is endless when you are hunting down good food with fair pricing in Baltimore Maryland.

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