Never-ending Fun Learning Experience at Maryland’s Antietam Recreation

Family recreation time is always a great time of fun and bonding. One unique place to go with your family members this summer in a rented MD bus would be the Antietam Recreation, which is a family owned and operated centre. Every year, they welcome more than eight thousand visitors and it still remains to be one of the favourite family outing spot.

At the Antietam Recreation, they have various types of activities for families as well as groups travelling in MD rental buses. If you do not wish to stay overnight, you can always opt for their Day Camp – and it is not too much to say that their Day Camp program is one that many kids enjoy and have a great time learning to use their imagination and creativity. Their programs and environment enables children and adults alike to expand their personal interests other than the world of internet and gaming that many are familiar with. Other than that, they also learn about interpersonal skills development.

For those who enjoy water themed games and activities, the Antietam Recreation will be having a “Super Soakin’ Safari” from August 12th till 16th where you can expect a lot of fun filled water battle games and activities – an awesome time to get yourself cool and drenched in the hot days of August! For the finale of summer, they will have a special event that includes bingo, a beach party, a contest as well as special tournaments to celebrate the end of summer with a bang!

However, Antietam Recreation is not a place just for the young people – they have also conducted programs and events for corporate companies and should you need to plan an event for your company in the near future, you can always consider having it at the Antietam Recreation. And if you need to arrange transportation for everyone in your company, there is always the service of an MD bus rental company.

In case you are unaware, Antietam Recreation’s owners are Christians and the shows that they promote comes with Judeo-Christian values, which also include a Biblical message, but without a doubt, their productions are fun and relate to people of all ages. As mentioned earlier, they have two upcoming programs before the end of the summer holidays, hence, it would be great to just hop on the MD rented bus and make a trip here to find out what it’s all about.