Patapsco Valley State Park

Have you visited Maryland’s first state park? Ask your Maryland charter bus driver to take you there to enjoy many outdoor activities Patapsco Valley State Park has to offer. The state park extends 32 miles along the Patapsco River with more than 14,000 acres of developed recreational areas.

At Patapsco Valley State Park, rental bus visitors can enjoy a spot of hiking, fishing, camping, canoeing, horseback riding, mountain biking, and picnicking. There is even a beautiful 15 feet waterfall in Orange Grove area to enjoy.

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The Deep Creek Lake of Maryland

Beautiful surroundings of forests and mountains around a large man-made lake, what more is there to ask for when it comes to enjoying a relaxing holiday. All this is found at the Deep Creek Lake, located in Western Maryland where there is much to do for outdoor buffs of any age.

Deep Creek Lake can only be accessed with a private vehicle, so this would be the best time to rent a bus to bring your entire entourage there. Just head to its main road at Route 219 that connects the town of Oakland and small town of Accident.

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A Picturesque Visit out to Chesapeake City

Visiting another metropolitan city can be a little boring for some, especially when trying to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. So instead of staying put at Baltimore city, you can hire a rental bus and head to Chesapeake City instead.

Quaint attractions at Chesapeake City

  • Tour with Miss Clare
  • Check out Historic Houses
  • Bethel Bridge Lighthouse & The C&D Canal Museum

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Holiday’s Begun in Maryland this November

The holidays truly begins in November for the folks over here in Maryland, regardless of the county and neighborhood that you are talking about. As the month of October rolls to an end, the red carpet full of events begin to roll out and the party mood gets turned up a notch. And if you are looking for the right bus charter Maryland event or festival to join, then you are in luck. We have, in this article, lined up some seriously fun events and festivals, in and around Maryland’s wonderful neighborhoods, that you might want to consider being a part of.

First one up would be the Winterfest of Lights happening in Ocean City MD in November 21, 2013. This year, they are holding the amazing bus rental MD festival at the parking lot of Inlet and Northside Park. Come see how a series of amazing brightly lit places and enjoy the crowd. People come with their own lightings and set them up as a form of celebration that the holiday season is here. Bring along your family members and come see how more than one million holiday lights that sparkles brightly in the midst of downtown area can light up your heart. The displays on Northside Park have hundreds of animated lit displays too. It is just very joyous to be a part of something of this scale so, don’t forget to come over during your bus rental MD trip.

Feeling down and in need of something inspirational? Then it is time to bring the bus charters MD group of you to a very special Arts and Crafts Festival at The Pocomoke City Col. Fire Co. Community Center on November 23, 2013. People from all walks of life, of all ages, regardless of ethnicity, race, religion and class come together in a celebration for creative arts and freedom of expression. Make no mistake about it but you will be seriously impressed with some of the artwork that these skilled artists can come up with.

By the end of November, it is time to get your Christmas presents ready and there is no better place to do this than in Maryland during Holiday Shopper’s Fair. Every Friday and Saturday, from 10am till 5pm, people throng to Roland Powell Convention Center on 40th Street in Ocean City to see what they can bring home with them for cheap and this is precisely what you should be doing too during your bus rental MD vacation! You name it, they have it. From flowers to clothing, from professional photography to hand-made souvenirs and gifts. We know all the parents will be busy going through all the items on sale, so, the organizers have wisely put together some kid-friendly hands-on activities to keep the little ones busy.

Hunting Down Afghan Food in Baltimore Maryland

Due to a large influx of migrants and visitors from other parts of the world, Baltimore Maryland continues to rank as one of the most culturally-diverse cities in America. In a way, THAT was the reason for the nickname ‘Charm City’ was given to Baltimore. The huge mix of migrants and locals also meant that there is much option to choose from in terms of charter bus rental tourists destinations and of course, we can never forget to mention…food.

In fact, some would not hesitate to say that they would come all the way to Baltimore just to sample local food because it most definitely have a certain flavor of its own. As expected from a seaside community and city, there is a world of seafood cuisine to be experienced during your bus rental MD vacation and the visits are even more special because you are doing all of that together with your family and friends. Get yourself a local tour guide if you want to sample the best bangs for the buck but it is not required. You can tour around on your own to make your very own special gastronomic finds.

One such example would be Afghan Kabob House….a very well-known Baltimore Afghan eastery located at Federal Hill. The Baltimore City Paper have called it a ‘must; for weekend dine-outs as the aushak, dumpings, sauces and pumpkin dishes are absolutely to-die-for. The restauarant is often packed to the hilt with tourists and locals during weekends while it makes its business from the corporate community during week days. We think visiting their website and making a reservation for yourself during your bus rental MD trip is a good idea. Vegetarians need not fret as it serves up quite a fanciful list of meat-less dishes too. If you are confused with their selection, the friendly staff will gladly point you in the right direction.

If the food at Afghan Kabob hits your fancy, we think you might want to check out what Akbar has to offer too. Location-wise, it isn’t as strategic as we would like it to be but there are bonuses to being located in the basement of Mount Vernon…private dining and relatively reasonable prices most of their dishes. What is truly interesting about eating out at a place like this would be the restaurant’s open kitchen concept whereby the clay oven which is used to prepare specialty food like tandoori chicken and other items requiring baking is visible.

As you can very well see, the variety is endless when you are hunting down good food with fair pricing in Baltimore Maryland.

Never-ending Fun Learning Experience at Maryland’s Antietam Recreation

Family recreation time is always a great time of fun and bonding. One unique place to go with your family members this summer in a rented MD bus would be the Antietam Recreation, which is a family owned and operated centre. Every year, they welcome more than eight thousand visitors and it still remains to be one of the favourite family outing spot.

At the Antietam Recreation, they have various types of activities for families as well as groups travelling in MD rental buses. If you do not wish to stay overnight, you can always opt for their Day Camp – and it is not too much to say that their Day Camp program is one that many kids enjoy and have a great time learning to use their imagination and creativity. Their programs and environment enables children and adults alike to expand their personal interests other than the world of internet and gaming that many are familiar with. Other than that, they also learn about interpersonal skills development.

For those who enjoy water themed games and activities, the Antietam Recreation will be having a “Super Soakin’ Safari” from August 12th till 16th where you can expect a lot of fun filled water battle games and activities – an awesome time to get yourself cool and drenched in the hot days of August! For the finale of summer, they will have a special event that includes bingo, a beach party, a contest as well as special tournaments to celebrate the end of summer with a bang!

However, Antietam Recreation is not a place just for the young people – they have also conducted programs and events for corporate companies and should you need to plan an event for your company in the near future, you can always consider having it at the Antietam Recreation. And if you need to arrange transportation for everyone in your company, there is always the service of an MD bus rental company.

In case you are unaware, Antietam Recreation’s owners are Christians and the shows that they promote comes with Judeo-Christian values, which also include a Biblical message, but without a doubt, their productions are fun and relate to people of all ages. As mentioned earlier, they have two upcoming programs before the end of the summer holidays, hence, it would be great to just hop on the MD rented bus and make a trip here to find out what it’s all about.

Rafting Things Out At McHenry’s Adventure Sports Center

If you are Maryland and is craving for some fun and adventure, we reckon you should organize a MD bus rental day trip out to Marland’s McHenry for a fun day of kayaking, canoeing, climbing and geocaching. Adventure Sports Center at the heart of McHenry also offer hiking and biking to their charter bus rental customers and visitors who are not into adventure sports but more into nature and if they have a deep love of the beauty of the gorgeous sights at the top of the mountains. Adventure Sports Center is located at the top of Wisp Mountain of McHenry, Maryland and is one of the most extensive artificial whitewater course there is in the region.

An artificial whitewater course means that it is an artificially-generated rapids and made suitable for all forms of water sports like whitewater canoeing, kayaking, racing, rafting, and playboating.

Some MD bus rental customers might be a little concerned about safety concerns and bringing smaller children to the man-made rapids but the guides have all assured their visitors of a couple of things before they even step foot into one of the boats; one, the rapids is very controlled and two, water isn’t deep. Furthermore, other safety measures includes a half hour talk before the rafting begins so that charter bus visitors are more aware about what expect during the whole experience. There were some parents who came in groups, together with their children aged somewhere between 7 – 10 for the ride and the kids had a lovely time.

During colder months, one of the things that we might have to contend with would be the chilly weather. But the good news is that, since the rapids is man-made, the water is heated to the right temperature.

Another fantastic thing about heading out to a place like Adventure Sports Center of McHenry Maryland are the guides. Knowing how to handle the rafts and gears is one thing but being assuring, informative, helpful, friendly, and comfortable with the guests is very, very important…in fact, people have the most fun when they have a friendly guide who is assuring and made them feel comfortable enough to enjoy a ‘dangerous’ expedition.

Bus Rental MD charter bus visitors laments that one round of riding is way too short so, they would often end up going for two to three rounds. After they have reached the end of the ride at the bottom of the rapids, a lift will conveniently bring these adventure-seekers all the way to the top again…effortless and convenient. Reviews about it being an expensive is unfounded considering the fact that it is much safer, more convenient and certainly so much more professional than having to make a charter bus tour visit to a real rapids where Mother Nature is in complete control.

Please do head over to their website to find out more information about what you should and should not bring for the trip…and have fun!